leg·a·cy - Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past. legacy [ˈlɛgəsɪ] - (Computer Science) surviving computer systems, hardware, or software

DEC Legacy Event, 11-12th April 2015, Windermere, UK

 DEC Legacy 2015 is confirmed!

We will be back, the usual place, usual story, on the weekend of April 11th-12th 2015.

More details when they are available!

Here are a couple of videos from the 2013 event to whet your appetite!


Update for 2013 Lineup

Looks like the 2013 weekend is going to be just as good, if not better, than the previous two events. I feel very fortunate that the likes of Jim Austin, Matthew Burke, Peter Turnbull, Trevor Howard-Smith and Rob Jarratt are once again going to bring some interesting DEC gear along to turn the hall into a most wonderous place. We also have some first-timers who will be bringing gear to which is sure to add to the mix.

Steve Davidson, ex-DEC system admin and all round nice guy is going to give us a talk on clustering VMS systems. Jim Austin will provide some insight into the latest happenings with his fantastic museum. Rob is planning on getting some DEC gear hooked up to HECNET and I will give it a go also, which will open us up to the world of DEC machines, simulated and real, spread across the globe running every conceivable DEC operating system (and a few others to boot!)

We have a twitter feed @declegacy - if you're into that sort of thing please feel free to follow - I'm hoping to go old school with that over the weekend.

If you're still on the fence I hope the above info will persuade you that a great time will be had!

DEC Legacy 2013 is confirmed

The event will run across the weekend of the 19th & 20th of October 2013 at the usual venue The Marchesi Centre in Windermere, UK. More details to follow shortly. Registration is now open, please following the registration tab at the top of the page.

Look forward to seeing you all again for a wonderful weekend immersed in the 20th century highlights of computing!


08-MAY-2012 - DEC Legacy 2012 Update

I'm starting to plan DEC Legacy 2012. Apologies for the lack of updates after the 2011 event, suffice to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think that sentiment was echoed by the majority of attendees.

There is a gallery of pictures from the 2011 event here.

I recorded some demonstrations which are now available on youtube:

12-SEP-2011 - DEC Legacy is nearly upon us!

Just a quick update with regard to one of the planned activities at DEC Legacy 2011. Firstly to let you know that it is definitely still on! Although numbers are a little down on last year we have a good mix of 2010 attendees and new visitors. My intention this year was always to keep it a little more informal so that we can be more hands-on and focus more on the equipment that will be sharing the room with us.

At the moment we have two remote talks planned, one by Stephen Hoffman and one by Steve Davidson. Jim Austin will be entertaining us in person, probably making us all jealous of the content of his pig sheds again and Derek Holloway will be giving us the latest from the 'front line' of terminal equipment.

One of my goals this year is to provide attendees with the opportunity to add their machines (or indeed hopefully any machines that owners can spare for the lighter travellers who fancy a dabble) to HECnet. Those of you who attended Johnny Billquist's remote presentation last year might remember hearing about HECnet.

This is a worldwide DECnet network hosting all manner of lovely DEC hardware, some real, some emulated, from PDPs to the latest IA64 kit. I will be providing a DECnet area router pre-configured (node SLAVE, 4.249) and I'm hoping we can introduce other hardware to this area on the day. Connection will be via a 3G modem and Vigor 2800 router, with a Debian box providing Johnny's DECnet to TCP/IP bridge. Of course I haven't tested all this just yet, but I'm fairly confident it will work!

The currently allocated node numbers are shown below:

Known Node Volatile Summary as of 12-SEP-2011 12:19:34
Executor node = 4.256 (BUBBLE)
State                    = on
Identification           = DECnet for OpenVMS VAX V7.3
    Node           State      Active  Delay   Circuit     Next node
 4.1 (B7)        reachable                                  4.256 (BUBBLE)
 4.249 (SLAVE)   unreachable
 4.250 (ORAC)    unreachable
 4.251 (ZX6000)  unreachable
 4.252 (NODE3)   unreachable
 4.253 (NODE2)   unreachable
 4.254 (ZEN)     unreachable
 4.255 (X60)     unreachable
 4.257 (ELLEN)   unreachable
 4.258 (TIGER)   unreachable
 4.259 (ALEPH)   unreachable


If you'd like to arrange a node name/node number prior to the day just drop me an email with the preference and I'll make a note so any pre-configured machines don't clash. I'm only just getting my head properly around clustering, but it would be nice to get a multi-architecture cluster running as well. Node SLAVE contains a full copy of the DECUS archive (courtesy of a recent hard disk round trip to Jur van der Burg of digiater.nl) and will be available via the default DECnet account (always a good source of inspiration!)


If you have any questions about the day please feel free to ask. Last year we had a gathering in the Brookside Inn on the Friday evening - I would suggest the same again this year (the Guinness is first-class there!)


I was planning on running the Saturday session into the evening, but I'm going to play that by ear depending on whether there is any interest and whether it will be a requirement to have someone on-site till 10pm. I'd welcome people's thoughts about this - regardless I'm happy to book a table for dinner for those who will have had enough by then!


Looking forward very much seeing you all there.



Returning for a second year, I'm pleased to announce DEC Legacy 2011.

With a focus on Digital Equipment Corporation and their legacy of hardware, software and ethos I'm also extending an open invitation to those who are interested in SGI, HP, Sun, IBM and other high end hardware to come along and share their passion with us. Several formal presentations will be mixed with plenty of hands on time with hardware brought by enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts are encouraged to bring along hardware and software to exhibit. The personal nature of the event brings a unique atmosphere within which friendships are easily forged.

For those new to DEC Legacy feel free to browse the image gallery of the previous years event.

Registration is now open.

Background on DEC:

DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORPORATION was an American Computer Manufacturer originally formed in 1957 by Ken Olsen and Harlan Anderson and existed until 1998 when it was aquired by Compaq. The company manufactured a huge range of hardware and software over the course of its history, including:

  • PDP Minicomputers
  • VAX Minicomputers
  • Alpha Minicomputers
  • Early Personal Computers (DEC Professional, DECmate, Rainbow 100)
  • VT Terminals
  • Printers
  • Networking Hardware
  • Storage Hardware
  • Intel Based Personal Computers & Laptops

Operating Systems that DEC Hardware supports includes:

  • VAX/VMS, OpenVMS
  • Digital Unix, OSF/1, tru64
  • Ultrix
  • RSX-11
  • RT-11
  • RSTS/E
  • TOPS-10, TOPS-20
  • CP/M
  • Linux
  • OpenBSD
  • NetBSD
  • DOS
  • Windows

The DEC Legacy continues in the products that HP now provides in form of the OpenVMS Operating System and the Itanium based hardware on which it runs.

The two day event will take place at the Marchesi Centre in Windermere, The Lake District.