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Please read the following disclaimer - you will be asked to sign/date against
your name on the event register to indicate your agreement and acceptance
of all points.

In consideration for participating in the DEC Legacy Event I accept, agree and
confirm that:

  1. Any equipment provided by the Event Organiser or other event participants
     shall be used by me entirely at my own risk. No claim of any kind shall be
     made by me, my guests or on my behalf or on behalf of any of my dependants
     against the Event Organiser or equipment owners.

  2. No claim of any kind arising from my own negligence, error or omission or
     otherwise (including without limitation in respect of any damage to any
     equipment I intend to use at the event) shall be made by me, my guests or on
     my behalf or on behalf of any of my dependants against the Event Organiser.

  3. I will satisfy myself that any equipment I bring to demonstrate is safe,
     complies with any relevant regulations and is fit to use for the purposes
     for which I have attended the Venue. I agree to ensure that cables used in
     relation to my equipment do not represent a trip hazard or electrical
     hazard. I will ensure that cables I run along the floor will be securely
     taped using gaffer tape along their entire length. I will be vigilant and
     report to the Event Organiser immediately any situation that may represent a
     safety issue.

  4. Any equipment left at the Venue is done so entirely at my own risk. I will
     not hold the Event Organiser or Venue Owner in any way liable for any loss
     or damage incurred at any time during the Event or where equipment is left
     at the Venue overnight.

  5. An internet connection is provided solely for purposes directly related to
     scheduled internet conferences and pre-agreed demonstrations. I agree not to
     use internet facilities in any other capacity except where agreed with the
     Event Organiser.

  6. I agree to ensure where possible that equipment brought by me that may be
     connected to the event network is virus and trojan free using an approved
     virus checker.

  7. The Event Organiser may take photographs and/or footage of me during this
     event and the Event Organiser may use such photographs or footage for the
     purposes of documenting the event and for promoting future events.

  8. I have read, understood and agree and will comply with instructions and
     directions given by the Event Organiser at all times whilst attending at the

  9. Any agreement regarding items bought, sold or traded at the Event is between
     myself and the other party, and does not in any way involve the Event