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Extremely valuable collection of resources and a regular haunt for collectors of DEC, HP, SGI and Sun hardware.


The National Museum of Computing

Home of Colossus, At Bletchley Park


Gordon Bell's DEC Cyber Museum

Documents, Photo Albums, Talks and Videotapes about Computer History


The Jim Austin Computer Collection

The collection holds over 450 machines and focuses on small machines to very large main frames and super computers.


The Living Computer Museum

The Paul Allen collection of Digital Equipment Corporation mainframes and minicomputers, where pride of place is given to two PDP-10 systems (a 2065 running the Tops-10 operating system, and a 1090 scheduled to be brought up later this year). In addition to these, the collection houses a number of PDP-11 and PDP-8 minicomputers, a VAX-11 running OpenVMS 6.2, and a PDP-10 clone, the XKL Toad-1 System running the TOPS-20 operating system.


D I G I A T E R . N L

Online archive of DECUS tapes and Freeware Disks