Retrochallenge 2009
      Summer Challenge
      Mark Wickens


      My library for this retrochallenge will be as follows:

      Working with WPS-PLUS

      Working with WPS-PLUS
      Charlotte Temple & Dolores Cordeiro
      1990, Digital Press
      VAX Assembly Language, Sara Baase

      VAX Assembly Language
      Sara Baase
      1992, Prentice Hall
      ISBN: 0-13-942152-1

      Computers, Patters, Chaos and Beauty

      Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty
      Clifford A. Pickover
      1990, Alan Sutton
      ISBN: 0-86299-792-5

      Macro Manual

      VAX MACRO and Instruction Set Reference Manual
      April 2001, Compaq Computer Corporation
      Order Number: AA-PS6GD-TE