Retrochallenge 2009
      Summer Challenge
      Mark Wickens

                                         Next Steps

      I've just changed the date on the top of this post by over a week - and last
      time I only managed the title! I've been away for a week on business, with no
      opportunities to do any retrochallenging because of social engagements, which is
      let's face it no bad thing!

      My plan now is to modify the existing code to produce a pbm or ppm output file.
      These are file formats defined by the netpbm package[1] which I've been using on
      and off for a lot of years, and even now find really useful for scripting image
      manipulations. The ppm (colour) and pgm (grayscale) formats are simple text
      files. Once I've got the OpenVMS RMS (Record Management Services) macros sussed
      it should be fairly straighforward.

      In the meantime I've been helping arfink debug his tandy based bbs code. As
      always with computing it's always the last thing you try that works!

      My DECserver hardware woes continue with the 50 ohm terminator that I ordered
      being a connector, my home-made terminator, or cable, or t-pieces not working,
      and me generally getting bored and frustrated trying. I'll get back there when
      I've got more patience!

      1. netbpm package