This is my entry to the summer 2010 retrochallenge. Retrochallenge is a free-form month long event for retro-enthusiasts to flex their retro-muscle in any way they see fit.

I'm going to write a lunar lander game/simulation - target device get to be decided.

Entries are listed on the right, in reverse chronological order.

This website is created and running on a VAX - entries are written as straight ASCII text files and converted to HTML using the VAX based utility AscToHTM.

The CSS has been carefully selected from the 'free css templates' website (see link at the bottom of the page). I've basically fiddled with the header and footer defined for the main hecnet.eu site to get it working. I bet you never thought a page served up by a VAX could look so damn sexy!

So to my fellow entrants - play, learn and blog (using some horribly complicated method preferably!)

Let the challenge begin...