Whilst my retrochallenge coding effort has been winding down over the past couple of days I have been pleasantly surprised with the ease in which Luddite was able to get the code working on the retro-net bbs. This spurred me on to make some modifications where the code wasn't working the same (primarily around the formatting of numbers on the tape display) and also to prototype then implement code to display the instructions file lander.txt from within the BASIC program itself by loading the file and displaying it. This is the most compatible way in which to display instructions from within the retro-net BBS and also alieviates memory constraints on the Z88 by pulling the instructions in from a file rather than trying to embed them in the code itself.

There was also an annoying issue to do with the keys I'd chosen for the +2% and -2% thrust buttons - the +2% button is the pound sign on the Z88 keyboard, but this key is in a Z88-specific position and also causes no end of problems when attempting to transfer the basic source code around as the pound/sterling sign is not in the 7-bit ascii range. In the end I shifted these two keys left to use semicolon and quote which is compatible at least between PCs and the Z88 and doesn't cause any weird transcoding issues.

These code changes have been sent to luddite, and should be up on the BBS in a day or so.

Just to prove to luddite, despite his best efforts, (documented at that it is possible to land the LEM on the retro-net version I provide the final screen shot of a succesful descent (which was done before the +2% thrust key bug was fixed, no mean feat I'll add):

 F=    992.00  X=    205.42  Y=      0.00     ALT  -75.VSI0>-0.0000000000
DX=      0.28 DY=     -0.70 BR=      0.00          .        .
LA=      0.00 VT=      3.20 HT=      0.00          -50.00000-5.0000000000
         CONTACT        RANGE                      .        .
You have landed successfully!                      -25.00000-10.0000000000
YOUR SCORE IS:        514                          .        .
>                                                 >-0.000000-15.0000000000

Note that fuel is down to 992 KG and the descent rate was 0.7 metres/second on contact. The DX and DY are multiplied together to calculate the score and used as a dividend which caused an interesting 'Divide by zero' bug when I got one of them nailed at 0.0.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to summarise my retrochallenge entry this year (which has been fairly unconventional for me!) and also to chat a bit about how we can improve the experience for future challenges.

Be sure to swing by telnet://

 ____ ____ ___ ____ ____ _  _ ____ ___  
 |__/ |___  |  |__/ |  | |\ | |___  |   
 |  \ |___  |  |  \ |__| | \| |___  |   
[1] INTERNET        [5] BBS LINKS       
[2] MAIL & NEWS     [6] SCRAWL WALL     
[3] UTILITIES       [7] HELP FILES      
[4] FUN & GAMES     [X] LOG OUT       

Select Option 4, then Option 8:

       ____ ____ _  _ ____ ____         
       | __ |__| |\/| |___ |__          
       |__| |  | |  | |___ ___|         
[1] ZOMBIES   [5] HUNT      [9] RC3BGL  
[2] ROBOTS    [6] HACK      [A] WUMPUS  
[3] WORM      [7] ROGUE     [B] TETRIS  

you can always refer to the help file here:
lander28g.txt if the in game instructions are not working.

I would say the game takes maybe 1/2 hour to get up to speed with - you should be able to get close to a landing after that. I know you shouldn't blow your own trumpet, but I've enjoyed playing it!