Retrochallenge 2010
      Winter Warmup
      Mark Wickens

                                   A Long Deserved Update!

      Apologies for not providing an update for so long. I've been down to my mum's
      this weekend to see Pantomime at Milton Keynes and what with one thing and
      another not managed to do much retrochallenge work. Having said that, I did do a
      bit of work yesterday on a game I'm planning as my 'ta-da' moment at the end of
      the retrochallenge. It's still very basic, I'm going to write some of it (when I
      can't get to the hardware) on a linux box running ncurses so I'm writing two
      libraries - one to support the 68k SBC and Babcock VFD and one to support linux
      & ncurses. I'm currently writing this article in the back of the car using a
      mobile data stick. I have utilised the SysOp account of the retrobbs to tunnel
      into my home network via a telnet session and then used the mirrorbow controller
      to turn on the VAX and my DECserver 90M terminal server. Once the VAX is up I
      can telnet from the dell7500 directly into it and run ALLIN1 to write an update.

      I was originally planning on writing an asteroids kind of game but now I'm
      thinking 'Robot Finds Kitten' will work well and it has some retro-heritage
      given that Jeff 'Rainbow 100' Armstrong provided a port to said platform.

      I've very much enjoyed reading everyone's blogs to date. Keep up the good work