Sunday 16 January 2011, 08:43 PM Posted by urbancamo

What I should be doing is getting down to some programming, what I'm actually doing is avoiding that - much like you can find ironing interesting during revision periods.

My excursion into the world of my DAT tapes continues - I've now found my DDS-2 tape drive and have connected it up to the Alpha, and am now happily indexing my other tapes.

Clearly over the years I have done a shocking job of indexing my DAT tape archives. Some tapes have dates, some don't, but most just keep you guessing as to the content unless you actually load the tape up and read it. However, as I never completed a PhD in Scientific Visualization I can confidently present you with a timeline of my DAT tape archives:

Date Tape Timeline!

As a distraction I found these videos about the new Revolution exhibit at the Computer History Museum. I want to go! I will be seeing Donald Knuth in Manchester on 8th February. Very much looking forward to that.