Airline Manager - Part 2

      Last night I spent my time unsuccessfully getting anywhere porting Airline
      Manager to VAX BASIC. It was a complete fail - I couldn't even get two line
      programs to do anything but throw errors. Clearly I'm missing something which
      didn't pop out at me whilst reading the documentation.

      Given the incomplete nature of the program, and the fact that several of the
      GOTO target line numbers were clearly broken, I decided to go back to BeebEm and
      see how far I could get in correcting these issues without the added
      complication of moving BASIC dialects.

      Firstly I'm patching up the line numbers and program flow so that it makes some
      kind of sense. I've managed to get the general flow working. This takes you
      through a number of screens for buying/selling property, aircraft, fuel and
      cargo as well as allowing you to move money around your bank accounts. Then you
      are presented with a list of orders from airports who request a cargo type and
      price. If you accept an order which you have the capability to fulfill then a
      list of communications from the aircraft is presented, along with costs
      associated with any damage incurred. All this seems to work, for the most part,
      apart from being paid! Fulfilling an order results in you being dumped back to
      the summary without any increase in your bank balances!

      In order to figure out what the missing pieces are I'm slowly determining what
      each of the variables stores. I can picture what I was thinking at the time - I
      now need to translate that into BASIC code to complete the program.

      Here are some screenshots of a typical flow through the application: