Modula-2 for VAX/VMS

      Back around 1986 when I was in my first year of University we had accounts on
      the University VAX/VMS machine. My introduction to programming course used the
      language Pascal, but at that time Modula-2 was making good progress as a more
      industrial-strength language. By that time Pascal was getting a bit long in the
      tooth (I hadn't realised it went all the way back to 1970!) and Modula-2
      provided a good alternative. My own personal ambition during that year was to
      learn 'C' which seemed to be such a cool language! In my second year a course on
      Algorithms and Data Structures used Modula-2. My assignments were written using
      Benchmark Modula-2 for the Amiga (and I'm still attempting to track down a
      replacement copy of that!) but a compiler was available on the VAX.

      I suspect there was more than one implementation available at the time and I'm
      not convinced this one is the one we had back then, but it ticks all the right
      boxes for me.

      The compiler is able to produce listing files containing machine code which is
      quite interesting:


      The installation saveset archive including documentation can be found here:


      The main documentation file is here: