Retrochallenge 2009
      Mark Wickens
      13-Jan-2009 21:40
                                     Application Gallery


      Provides online documentation on the Operating System.

      Bookreader Library

      Bookreader Book


      Nice clear clock.

      DecWindows Clock


      The standard OpenVMS text editor, here shown running in a decterm. The editor
      can also be started with a DECwindows interface.

      DECtpu EVE Editor


      The DECwindows version of DEBUG displays by default if you have a valid DISPLAY
      environment configured. The character-based version is very similar in layout,
      and both support the application keypad shortcuts.

      DEBUG DECwindows Interface


      The image manipulation/conversion program. At the time I first saw it I thought
      it was beautiful to behold - some of the custom widgets, especially in the
      colour editor were fantastic given the standard set of xaw and motif widgets
      available at the time. It just worked, and has continued to work and be highly
      useful to this day.

      XV Main Window

      XV Controls

      XV Colour Editor

      VAX MOSAIC 4.2

      Original VAX web browser, updated with support for SSL. It has no javascript
      or css support.

      VAX Mosaic 4.2


      An old favourite in my first job between 1991 and 1993 - many a full compilation
      was accompanied by a little xmahjong. Still highly playable today and it's never
      got any easier.



      The 'odd man out'. When ID Software released the source code for Wolfenstein
      there was frenzied efforts to port it to virtually everything. One of those
      ports was the X-Windows port of which this VAX version is a derivitive. Fully
      playable except for dire sound support.

      Wolfenstein 3D Title Screen

      Wolfenstein 3D Select Toughness

      Wolfenstein 3D Start Screen